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The Meaning of Aleph

א Aleph (English pronunciation: /ˈɑːlɨf/) is the first letter of the Kabbalistic alphabet and symbolises the number 1.  It means the origin, beginning, potentiality and the unity of all creations. Its form – upper stroke connected with a lower stroke through a dividing line – suggests an eternal link between the primeval source with everything that emanates from it. The symbol also contains within itself duality – Spirit and Matter; Heaven and Earth. On the human level, Aleph represents Divine Man.

Aleph Center of Accelerated Spiritual Transformation (ACAST) was launched in February 2012 in Singapore to provide a learning space for All who seek to embrace, express and expand their divinity during this momentous period on Earth where a revolutionary evolution of human consciousness is taking place. Specifically, 2012 brings us the golden opportunity to re-reconnect with the source energy of pure potentiality or the Aleph in us, so we may redefine our purpose and choices in this time of new beginnings.

Besides promoting interaction among light workers, this blog site will also be used for disseminating channeled materials to assist All in moving forward to the era of Oneness, Unity and Peace.

ACAST welcomes you to join us on this enriching journey of Self discovery, transformation and becoming the Divine Man of the New Earth.

With Love, Peace & Gratitude

Amara Tia Ann, Andy

3rd February 2012


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Gold, The Ray of Joyous Reunion with Source

In the science of rays, Gold is associated with the Twelfth Ray, the ray of Unity Consciousness which transcends the ego and restores it to the divine light of I AM. In this state of the ego-less mind, all that is experienced and radiated is bliss and Joy. Such is the association between Gold and Joy.

What then is the golden light body?  How does it attract and retain the frequency of joy?

I am looking forward to receiving the insightful teachings from Lord Maitreya and Archangel Metatron on these topics and more. Join us at the Rising of the Phoenix workshop if you are ready to experience a deeper transformation…from love to joy.

Phoenix Main Logo

For the Singapore workshop on 23 and 24 August, please register with Andy at andy@acast.me. Program and other details available at Singapore Workshop.

Workshop also available in …

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Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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Living The Common Destiny of Man… One Day At A Time

I believe as Earth unfolds more of her 5th dimensional aspect which has the distinctive quality of ONENESS, we will begin to experience this same unity consciousness permeating through our being and bringing about a more holistic perception of ourselves and the world we live in. As the convergence of the mind becomes a common experience among us – which the Mayans described as humanity entering the Galactic Age – what then happens to our individual destiny, mission and soul purpose?

That was my question to the guides to which they responded, “As humanity grows into a collective consciousness, the desire to radiate and express Loving Kindness towards one and another will gradually precede the form and timing of the vibrational experiences originally prescribed in the individual soul contracts. Every thought, feeling and act of Loving Kindness brings humanity closer to fully living its common destiny of being One with Spirit”.

My guides also shared a simple technique for cultivating Loving Kindness, that is to ask ourselves this question “how can I make a positive difference to someone’s life TODAY?” and pay attention to the opportunities presented to us to do just that. The advice has certainly worked well for me. I am most grateful for the sense of joy that is awakened in me each time I get to display a little act of loving kindness. If the guides’ suggestion appeals to you too, why not begin this daily practice on this full moon?

Full Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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Phoenix Symbolism

The Legendary Phoenix

A mythical sacred firebird with a colourful plumage and a tail of gold and scarlet, the phoenix is often cited in the mythologies of the Greeks, Persians, Romans, Egyptians, Chinese and Japanese.  Across these different traditions and cultures, the phoenix universally symbolises resurrection, rebirth and renewal of Self through the fire element. Most beings spring from other individuals but the Phoenix reproduces itself from its own ashes. It is said that the Phoenix has a life span of 500 – 1000 years, the end of which it builds itself a nest of twigs which it then ignites. Both nest and bird burn fiercely and are reduced to ashes, from which a young phoenix arises, reborn anew and fly towards the Sun.

Association with new workshop “Rising of the Phoenix”

Until now, I have not thought of asking my guides Lord Maitreya and Archangel Metatron the reason for naming the new workshop Rising of the Phoenix“. I am particularly curious to know the purpose of adopting the Phoenix as the symbolism for joy, the new vibratory pattern that will soon become an important ascension catalyst for ourselves and Mother Earth.

Here are their insightful explanations on the associations between Phoenix, Ascension and Joy ( I am sure they’ll have more to share at the workshop):

a) Phoenix re-creating itself from its own ashes - refers to the process of ascension where the soul (Earth and humanity in this case) consolidates the wisdom gained from past evolutionary cycles by letting go of its old programming (phoenix burns itself to ashes) and uses the expanded soul wisdom to ignite a new destiny (phoenix reborn)

b) Reborn phoenix takes flight towards the Sun - refers to New Earth of 5th dimensional frequency aligning herself with the higher self of the Sun known as the Central Sun Zion. Such an alignment is occuring for the first time in the history of our Solar System and Galaxy which in turn generates a force field powerful enough for the frequency of joy to be anchored in the consciousness of Man.  By riding on the increasingly prevalent vibration of joy, the dissolution of negative ego and re-emergence of Spirit through the physical vessel will be accelerated, quickening the ascension of Man.

When the next opportunity arises, I intend to ask for insights on the relationship between Gold and Joy. After all, the workshop has been given the subtitle of “Awakening Your Golden Light Body of Joy“. Watch this space for more awesome ‘previews’ offered by the program sponsors, Maitreya and Metatron.


Workshop Launching on 23 and 24 August, Singapore

Phoenix Main Logo

Judging from the comprehensive contents spelt out by Maitreya and Metatron, along with the critical and timely energy activations they are offering, I am eagerly looking forward to a weekend flooded with golden light and joy.

Program and registration details available at Singapore Workshop. Please register with Andy at andy@acast.me

Workshop also available in …


Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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The Name of Your Destiny

I am totally thankful for Master Kuthumi’s insightful teachings at the recent numerology workshop Self-Mastery Through Understanding Your Number Patterns‘. I would think the greatest take-away for the participants was the realization that despite the term “destiny” being defined as “the events that will necessarily happen to a particular person or thing in the future” (Oxford Dictationary), it is possible to change our Destiny Number which encodes the vibrational qualities our soul has chosen to master in the current life time.

The name we were born with contains the vibrational qualities we have planned to become. They are embedded in the sounds of our names and numerologically represented in our personal Destiny Number. However, a plan remains only as a plan. So should we be guided to adopt a new name officially and use it for some considerable time, we will cause our Destiny Number and consequently our soul mission to change accordingly. “This is one way in which the divine law of freewill is expressed in the world of physicality and through humans,” explained Master Kuthumi.

We Name our Destiny, as such. To me, this is a wonderful confirmation of what we’ve been reminded of again and again…we are our own masters.

PS. A large extent of the workshop involved channelings for the participants. For this reason and to respect the privacy of the channeled information, the workshop was not recorded.

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Book Recommendation – “Numerology : The Power of Numbers” by Ruth A. Drayer.


Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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Dancing to the rhythms of all frequencies

In the past year or so, one of the common concerns I came across during my reading sessions with clients was the experience of frequent and intense fluctuations in moods, resulting in periods of hectic and fulfilling activities alternated with intervals of restless lethargy and inertia. Besides advising these clients to practise breath work through yoga, tai-chi or qi gong to calm the mind and bring their focus back to the heart center of natural balance, I decided to find out the reason for the growing prevalence of ‘mood swings’ among us. Interestingly, it was Mother Earth who responded to my question.

Mother Earth: Like myself, the human consciousness is evolving rapidly as his energy body continues to expand and grounds itself onto the fifth dimensional (5D) level. This growth and expansion process is joyous and effortless for me whereas it can be experienced as challenging, frustrating and unpleasant to Man since his mind has been conditioned with the third dimensional qualities of control and predictability, quite the opposite of the 5D expression of Being in the Moment. The fight by the egoistic mind against the evolutionary and inevitable transition to living the 5D Light is the primary cause of the fluctuating and confusing emotions sensed by his neurological sytem.    

The transition Man is currently in is akin to a baby’s natural desire to master walking as he learns to overcome the body’s tendency to fall back to the old movement modality of crawling. However, the baby does not judge the change process as fast or slow, easy or difficult, should or should not. He simply grows along with the change; sometimes falling flat on his face, other times steadily himself on his legs for a few seconds or if he chooses, reverting to crawling altogether. As the baby follows his heart’s guidance on how best to experience his next movement – crawling, walking or falling – he experiences his growth process as fun and natural. Thus the key to having fun with your transformational journey is to TRUST that despite the emotional upheavals and cyclical swings between actions and in-actions, you are indeed progressing along your genetic evolutionary path of dancing to the rhythms of all frequencies – to eventually crawl, walk, skip or run as your heart desires.

Great thanks to Mother Earth for her sound advice.

Many blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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Happy Birthday, dear Goddess Isis!



This image of Isis was given to me when I was first initiated to the Isis Priesthood in August 2004. As I am a visual learner, I have found the picture particular helpful for strengthening my initial connections with Isis. Now that I have developed a much closer and deeper relationship with Isis, I no longer need to ‘see’ her in my mind to know I am clicked into her aura. Nevertheless I still carry the picture with me whenever I conduct the Isis-Sirius Alchemy Healing Course to remind myself to uphold the purity and integrity of the Isis lineage. To the artist of this beautiful picture, Thank You for the wonderful gift.

According to some literature, Isis’s birthday was celebrated on 17th July (today!). What the mind sees, the (energy) body becomes. May this much treasured picture be the gateway to revive your soul memory with the Isis Mystery Schools of ancient Egypt. Happy Birthday, my dear mentor from the great blue star of Sirius!


* About Isis, ancient Egypt and Sirius star system, read post Song of Innocent Joy – Blessing from the Sirius Blue Star.

* Go to Melbourne Program for details on the next Isis-Sirius Alchemy Healing Course, 4 – 5 October 2014.


Many Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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Radiating Phoenix Joy on this Full Moon

I first learned about the Phoenix Grid through Ascended Master Maitreya 18 months ago. Go to  “Joining the Spiritual Hierarchy at Lake Ohau, NZ on 24.12.2012″ to read more. At the end of that message, Lord Maitreya did assure “when we are ready, more information about the Phoenix Grid will be transmitted and shared.” In retrospect, he was probably expecting the Phoenix launching her flight of Joy on this full moon (18 months later)!

Workshop Announcement

Phoenix Main Logo

If you have not received our mailer containing the workshop details, please check your spam box or in the case of gmail users, the promotion folder of your inbox. Alternatively, go to Rising of the Phoenix.

Have an abundantly Joyous full moon! Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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Introducing the Galactic Federation of Light

When the student is ready, the Master appears. How true it is!

Following my brief contacts with the Galactic Federation of Light last month, new information about the organisation of our galaxy has just been transmitted by Melchior, the Galactic Logos.

Melchior described his light body as the embodiment of the entire Milky Way Galaxy. Similiar to the human aura calibrated with seven different but inter-related layers of light, the galaxy can be viewed as made up of several sectors of dimensional frequencies. Each sector comprises 12 dimensional worlds of its own yet all sectors are inter-connected and integrated as a collective whole (Law of One). There are a total of 6 sectors of progressively increased intelligence, leading back to the Crown Chakra of Melchoir. In other words, there are altogether 72 dimensional worlds existing in the Milky Way Galaxy.  Some of us have been referring to the first sector as the ‘lower heavens’, comprising Earth and the star nations of Pleiades, Sirius, Arcturus, Orion, Andromeda and Lyra. For beings of this galaxy, the 72nd dimensional reality is the gateway to Source or the God head.


Each sector is governed by a Council, with representatives from each of the constituent star nations. For example, the Galactic Council whom I often serve as a channel for, is the ‘governing body’ for the first sector or the lower heavens.

The organisational structure of the galaxy is fashioned in this same manner with each sector being represented on a governing board known as the Galactic Federation of Light. We can imagine Melchior as the Federation chief.

I have also been told the Galactic Federation of Light will overlight the new workshop planned for the second half of 2014. Details to be announced on the coming Full Moon of 12th July 2014.

Read related post 13 June 2014 : Full Moon Gift from the Galactic Federation of Light.

Namaste! Amara Tia Ann.

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Song of Innocent Joy – Blessing from the Sirius Blue Star

July marks the new year for the ancient Egyptians. Although different sources quoted slightly different dates as the exact New Year’s Day, almost all agree it falls in the month of July which coincides with the annual flooding of the Nile and the heliacal (dawn) rising of the great star Sirius. In some literature, July 17th marks the birthday of Isis – queen of ancient Egypt, great teacher from Sirius and archetypal representation of the Divine Goddess.

For those familiar with the legend of Isis and Osiris, you may find this article “Isis…Sirius…and The Summer Solstice” a useful read. Excerpt: “It was said that when the Nile flooded, Osiris and Isis were making love, and their sexual union fertilized the land. The archaeo-astronomer E.C. Krupp writes: “After disappearing from the night sky for 70 days, Sirius eventually reappears in the dawn, before the Sun comes up. The first time this occurs each year is called the star’s heliacal rising, and on this day Sirius remains visible for only a short time before the sky gets too bright to see it. In ancient Egypt this annual reappearance of Sirius fell close to the summer solstice and coincided with the time of the Nile’s inundation. . . Sirius revives the Nile just as Isis revives Osiris. Her time in hiding from Seth is when Sirius is gone for 70 days from the night sky. Isis gives birth to her son Horus, as Sirius gives birth to the new year, and in the texts Horus and the new year are equated.  Sirius is the vehicle for renewal of life and order. Shining for a moment, one morning in summer, she stimulates the Nile and starts the year”.

A Blessing from Sirius 

* Philae Temple, along River Nile : dedicated to the worship of Goddess Isis

Philae Temple, along River Nile : dedicated to the worship of Goddess Isis

On the night of 25 June this year, while noticing the numerous stars in the cloudless sky (which was actually a rare sight in Singapore), I connected with the world of Sirius and her dwellers, including Isis, the dolphins and the whales. They transmitted what they called The Song of Innocent Joy and asked that I share it in celebration of the Ancient Egypt New Year and the legendary heliacal rising of the great star of Sirius.

To listen:

Song of Innocent Joy

If the audio link does not appear on your email, access it from Sirius Blessing.


EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT : Isis-Sirius Alchemy Healing Course (Melbourne), 4 and 5 October 2014

Course program, fees and logistics information now available at Melbourne Program.

Course fees include:

    • printed course notes and healing manuals
    • 6″ clear quartz crystal double terminator to be attuned for healing practice
    • Sirian name channeled for each participant
    • a set of 33 audio tracks for post-course supplementary learning. For audio contents, go to Isis-Sirius Alchemy Healing Self-Study Kit MP3 Index
    • certificate of course completion

Class size limited to 12 participants for more coaching and group sharing. Private consultations in Melbourne available on 6 October. Contact Cecily Leong at email: cecilyleong@mail.com or Tel: 0402 339 569 for registration and enquiries.

Many Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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Playing the Game of Duality Strategically – Master Kuthumi

My first attempt working closely with Master Kuthumi at the Solstice workshop ‘Self-Mastery Through Understanding Your Number Patterns’ was undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve had, both as a channel and a student of numerology.

Firstly, I thought it was extremely intelligent of Master Kuthumi to leverage on the current World Cup fever to liken our journey on Earth as being in a game of duality where our opponent is the fear-based karmic memories we reincarnated with. He explained our opponent’s aim is to delay and distract us from striking the goal of Becoming One with Love. Sounding like a true strategist, Master Kuthumi also impressed on the class two key tactics for winning the game expediently, that is, to successfully evolve beyond the Earth realm of extreme polarity :

1. know the rules of the game well enough to take full advantage of them in every incarnation; and

2. identify the true nature of our unique opponent (“fears”) and learn to predict with accuracy when and how it is most likely to pounce on us.

For most part of the workshop, Master Kuthumi shared how these two tactics and other self-awareness techniques can be mastered through understanding the numerological patterns of our birth data.

I believe the workshop has been an incredibly fun, thought-provoking and mutually supportive experience for everybody, judging by the laughter and numerous ‘Ah Ha’ moments generated by the group.

Thanks very much for another thoroughly enjoyable and insightful class. I really enjoyed the fun and personable structure of Kuthumi’s teachings and the various additional aspects to numerology not contained in the previous courses.” – Michael Lynch, Singapore, June 2014

Repeat Session – Full Moon of July 26 and 27, Singapore

Logo July Session

This workshop will be repeated for those keen to work with Master Kuthumi closely, especially in the area of using numerology for greater self-awareness and self-empowerment.

For program and registration details, please refer to Self-Mastery Through Understanding Your Number Patterns’ (Repeat). 

Class size limited to 10 participants. Do consider registering early.

Many blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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