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The Meaning of Aleph

א Aleph (English pronunciation: /ˈɑːlɨf/) is the first letter of the Kabbalistic alphabet and symbolises the number 1.  It means the origin, beginning, potentiality and the unity of all creations. Its form – upper stroke connected with a lower stroke through a dividing line – suggests an eternal link between the primeval source with everything that emanates from it. The symbol also contains within itself duality – Spirit and Matter; Heaven and Earth. On the human level, Aleph represents Divine Man.

Aleph Center of Accelerated Spiritual Transformation (ACAST) was launched in February 2012 in Singapore to provide a learning space for All who seek to embrace, express and expand their divinity during this momentous period on Earth where a revolutionary evolution of human consciousness is taking place. Specifically, 2012 brings us the golden opportunity to re-reconnect with the source energy of pure potentiality or the Aleph in us, so we may redefine our purpose and choices in this time of new beginnings.

Besides promoting interaction among light workers, this blog site will also be used for disseminating channeled materials to assist All in moving forward to the era of Oneness, Unity and Peace.

ACAST welcomes you to join us on this enriching journey of Self discovery, transformation and becoming the Divine Man of the New Earth.

With Love, Peace & Gratitude

Amara Tia Ann, Andy

3rd February 2012


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“Reset” Your Mind on this New Moon – Goddess Isis

On every new moon, we have the opportunity to ‘reset’ our nervous system to assist the mind to see new possibilities, choices and options and bring them into our physical realities as the lunar month unfolds.

Metaphysically, the moon being invisible on new moon nights represents images of our future realities not imprinted on the mental screen yet. This presents a very potent time for the mind to create new dreams and desires through imageries. However, if the energy flow along the nervous system (especially brain and spinal column) is blocked either due to physical illnesses or the mind being pre-occupied with memories and repetitive mundane thoughts, it will become challenging for the mind to ‘see’ the inspirations and new ideas transmitted by our souls and Spirit guides.

Very much like refreshing a webpage to access the latest realtime data uploaded by say a financial information provider, it’s imperative that we de-clutter and reset our mind, especially on new moons, so it can remain aligned with our soul’s higher intentions and be able to tap into the universal consciousness of unlimited potential and possibilities.

If the sound track does not appear on your screen, go to ACAST blog : http://wp.me/p22lmc-2zT.

  • This healing track can be used on every new moon or whenever you notice lethargy and inertia creeping back into your life


Enjoy the new moon energy booster from Lady Master Isis and may you create a phenomenal February for yourself!

Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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Restoring The Will To Receive Love & Joy – The Elohim

The Elohim, also known as the Creator-God, appeared in my dream last night with the following message:

Adonai. Many of you desire to constantly create moments of love and joy yet only few are able to sustain the manifestations of such experiences in your waking hours. Three key elements need to be in place for the human brain to convert visual and electrical impulses containing the desire of love and joy into actual experiences stimulating the production of such senses in the nervous system. These factors as (a) the awakened God consciousness; (b) one’s own definition of loving and joyous experiences; and (c) aligning one’s Will to receive love with God’s Will to gift love. 

Think of Will here as an unwavering faith or absolute knowing that to Be and have love is your birthright, simply because you are a creat-ion of love itself. Restoring your personal Will has the effect of re-aligning your intention to receive love with God’s intention to bestow love, so you may replicate the flow of giving-receiving love in your Earthly creations. As your Spiritual mentors, we very much wish to assist you to create, attract and experience moments of love and joy…consistently and continuously”.

To listen to healing sounds (“light scripts”) gifted by the Elohim for Aligning Personal Will with Divine Will of Love : click Elohim Light Scripts (2 min).

If the sound track does not appear on your screen, go to ACAST blog:  http://wp.me/p22lmc-2zG


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Announcement: The Elohim, as the architect of the Atlantis program, will overshadow the Archangels at new workshop The Song of New Atlantis. Launching in Auckland over the Equinox weekend, this workshop presents a meting pot of vibrations – old and new, past and future, myths and science – from which you shall redefine and re-calibrate yourself to become the New Atlantean.  For workshop and registration details, go to PROGRAM.

Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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Magnify Your Divine Qualities On This New Moon

Every new moon presents us with an excellent opportunity to renew, regenerate and refresh our wishes and dreams. Not only is the rejuvenating effect more potent on the first new moon of a new year, I believe the intentions we set for ourselves on this day can become the vibrational engine driving our manifestations, as the year unfolds.

Numerologically speaking, the planetary vibration for 2016 is a ‘9’ which symbolises Universal Love and Enlightenment, besides other energetic properties. Everybody on Earth will be influenced by the qualities of ‘9’ to some degree. To align ourselves with the theme of loving kindness, humanitarianism and benevolence especially in 2016, I feel we could begin by expressing self-love and appreciation on this very New Moon.

Expressing Intention of Self Love : A Suggested Practice

Goddess Hexagon with Title

  1. Print a copy of the above hexagonal diagram (read rationale below #)
  2. Connect with the sacredness of your heart and intuit six attributes which best represent your divinity in its highest expression.
  3. Write these six qualities on the hexagon, one quality in each sector
  4. Place the completed diagram somewhere visible to regularly energise these qualities and enhance their expressions through your thoughts, feelings and actions. Alternatively, convert diagram to an E-picture for easier access and display.

# The diagram was originally designed as a meditation tool for a 2015 workshop ‘Be Love, Be Loved’.  Besides being infused with the healing and manifestation powers of six Goddesses – Mary Magdalene, Aphrodite, Isis, Hathor, Lady Nada and Guan Yin – the diagram engages the pure creative force embedded in the sacred geometry Flower of Life. See diagram below.



Event News

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  • Finalised schedules and full registration information for Auckland, Singapore and Hong Kong sessions now available. Go to THE SONG OF NEW ATLANTIS.


Love thyself, so thee may love the world.  A Happy New Moon and a Magnificent 2016 to all our readers ! Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.


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Your Future Lies In Your Vibrational Focus – New Year Message from Archangel Michael

At the recent Solstice Meditation held in Singapore, one of the teachings much emphasized by Archangel Michael was “a future experience in a 3rd dimensional reality is shaped by two elements, namely, your current mental focus (intention) and past vibrational patterns hardwired in your memory”.

On this New Year’s Eve, recognizing many people may be formulating their New Year’s resolutions or drawing up future plans, I thought it will be most apt to request Archangel Michael to expand on his Solstice message .

“As one undergoes progressive vibrational shifts from the world of matter to the realm of purposeful thoughts,  the need to experience linear time as part of the Creation process will cease completely. The windows to time, known to you as Past, Present and Future, collapse and converge to become moments of experienced intentions independent of memories. By definition, the concept, existence and relevance of “memories” pertain only to the third dimensional reality constructed through linear time and space. In the higher dimensional worlds, Creation is controlled only by intentions (Amara Tia’s interpretation : desires, fantasies or mental focus) calibrated with potent force. For a human, the potency of his intentions is in turn determined by the emotions generated to create those intentions. Excitement, positive expectancy, awe, admiration and gratitude are some examples of highly potent emotions”

– Channeled 31.12.2015


Words of Gratitude 


One the note of gratitude as a potent creative force, Andy and I are deeply grateful for the amazing support rendered by our friends, clients and hundreds of fellow Lightworkers with whom we connect through our blog.  It is your participation and endorsement of our work that provided the impetus and motivation for us to shine our light and share our gifts.  Thank you for being a member of the ACAST family (Aleph Center of Accelerated Spiritual Transformation).  May our collective radiance shine far and wide to reach every corner of the Earth !


2016 Ushers in New Atlantis !

  • Event News : To kick off the new year and a new 36-month evolutionary cycle for Earth and ourselves,  new workshop The Song of New Atlantis has been been commissioned by Archangel Michael and Archangel Metatron for launch at the coming Equinox. They describe this original and unpredented work as “a revolutionary program upgrade for all Star Seeds and Earthangels”. I’m honored to be co-presenting the workshop with a few of my dearest colleagues who are especially talented in vibrational sound work. Program details available HERE
  • Inaugural session in Auckland over the Equinox weekend, 19 & 20 March. Also available in Hong Kong 23 & 24 April and Singapore 21 & 22 May, Vesak Full Moon.
  • Logistics and registration details for all three workshops will be released through an event mailer in mid-January. Join ACAST mailing list to receive an email copy OR check out our blog http://www.acast.me by then to access these information. 
  • To indicate your interest in attending or receiving more details about the workshop, please email info@acast.me with subject title “The Song of New Atlantis” and indicate your name and preferred venue : Auckland, Singapore, Hong Kong or others.


May you create a future strung up by countless NOW moments of Love, Peace and Joy. A glorious 2016 to All!

Blessings, Amara Tia Ann


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Celebrating Joy With The Angels On This Solstice

Solstice logo

I would sum up my experience at this afternoon’s Solstice Meditation: The Dawn as ‘being totally immersed in the lightness of Joy’.

Moving into the next evolutionary cycle of another 36 months is about “greeting our dawns with Joy; and through anchoring Joy on Earth, we begin our new spiritual path of becoming a Love Avatar of the Aquarian Age.” This is the gist of Archangel Michael’s teachings at the Solstice communion.

The event closed with a series of energy activations gifted by the Angels. To reciprocate the love and wisdom bestowed upon the group, we joined our hearts with Mother Gaia to offer healing to the world.

Energy Gifts from Archangel Michael, Metatron and the Cosmic Angels:

  • Awaken Christ Consciousness of Love in cellular memory
  • Align and activate the nervous system to the higher programming of Joy
  • Revive memory of Atlantis crystal technology in Akashic records
  • Special energy gift for our youngsters – the leaders of of New Atlantis
  • Planetary healing by group 

Listen to live recording of guided meditation and accompanying energy activations : Solstice Gifts (14 min)

If the sound track does not appear on your screen, go to ACAST website -http://wp.me/p22lmc-2wn.

Credit: Background music in guided meditation – “Sanctus by Libera’ and “Zarabanda by Adiemus Singers”.


May this Solstice be the Dawn of Joy for you and your loved ones. 

Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.


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Becoming the Galactic Human – New Moon Energy Gift from the Stars

{Photo ‘The Galactic Eye’ – Sun with halo at Lake Ohau NZ, Third Eye Chakra of the 5th Dimensional Earth. Photo contributed by Sean Turnbull. April 2013}.


The Sagittarius New Moon of 11th December will be followed by an energetically significant Earth Portals Activation Day on 12th December or 12.12.

The symbol ‘12‘ has a special relationship with the human consciousness. Among other reasons, it represents the 12-strand DNA blueprint we, the Galactic Humans, have inherited from these star systems of our galaxy : Pleiades, Sirius, Arcturus, Orion, Andromeda and Lyra.

As Earth unfolds her 5th dimensional nature more and more, the human energy field will be entrained with the higher energy frequency prevalent on Earth and cause our star potential to actualise. One approach to accelerate this spiritual awakening process is to begin linking the human mind (mental body) to the galactic programming center; and there is no better day to initiate such a transformation than on 12.12 itself !


Intentions of light reconfiguration :

Recoding #1: To ensure continuous and effective entrainment of the human energy field with the expanded consciousness and light body of Earth, the orbital axis between the electrons and nucleus (protons) in the cells of the human body has to be correspondingly adjusted.

Recoding #2: The external transformation of mankind to a galactic civilization necessarily involves a paradigm shift in human understanding and thinking. This new expanded thinking of man as an integral member of his galactic family will be  brought about by linking the human mind directly to the galactic programming center.

The Elohim gifted New Creation Codes on the Taurus New Moon and Solar Eclipse of May 2013 to enable these recoding of the human light body to occur. I am now asked to share these energy gifts with ALL who are ready to actualize their genetic potential as a Galactic Human.

For best results, please listen to the recording on 11th December (New Moon) and 12th December (Earth Portals Activation).

Listen to recording : Be The Galactic Mind (11 min).

If sound track does not appear on your screen, go to ACAST website:http://wp.me/p22lmc-2w5.

The above energy transmissions were received during the Master Teaching Class ‘Creating The Galactic Human” of 10 May 2013. For full program, go to PROGRAM.


New Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann

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Initiation to Atlantis Priesthood – Full Moon Gift from Thoth & Lady Nada

On this full moon, I am asked by the Ascended Masters Thoth and Lady Nada to share one of their earlier teachings and an energy gift : Accessing the memory of Atlantis Priesthood through the Temple of Poseidon.  This teaching was channeled during a Master Teaching Class held on the full moon of February 2013.

Sypnosis of Master Teaching Class: “As New Earth delves deeper her 5th dimensional consciousness, her rising frequency will catalyse the awakening of our collective memory of Golden Atlantis and motivate us to revive the Atlantean model of spiritualised living in the world of matter.

Accordingly, to help us remember and utilise our Atlantean healing gifts for treating diseases and illnesses relating to the 3rd dimensional plane, my guides Thoth and Lady Nada – both leaders of the Atlantis Priesthood – will host a crystal healing training on the full moon of February. Thoth, incarnated as Chiquetet Arlich Vomalites, was the King Priest of Atlantis while Ascended Master Lady Nada was the high priestess and patron of the Temple of Love of Atlantis.”

  • Read full program HERE

Scroll to 11:02 min of the track if you’re keen only to listen to the energy activation.

If the above sound track does not appear on your screen, go to ACAST website: http://wp.me/p22lmc-2vS

  • Complete set of recorded teachings available at Products

Event News

  • Curious to hear Archangel Michael’s messages on New Atlantis ? You’re welcome to join in our Solstice Meditation: THE DAWN on 20.12.2015, Singapore. Admission is Free. Details HERE. Register at anntay@acast.me.


Full Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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Be Inspired On This New Moon of 11.11 – Lord Maitreya

Names, as expressions of sound,  are encoded with their unique set of energetic properties and qualities. One of the applications of numerology is to decode the vibrational patterns of names. Take for example, the name ‘MAITREYA’ vibrates to the Master Number11.  As we approach the New Moon of 11th November 2015  (11.11), it is with little surprise that Lord Maitreya came through this morning to share this New Moon message.


Annually, on the day of 11.11, the energy portals on Earth will be activated as receptors of incoming galactic pulsating waves to stimulate further expansion of the human consciousness. Other similarly significant days include 12.12 (12th December), 21.12 (21st December). This year’s 11.11 will be doubly active, thanks to the Scorpio New Moon which will occur on the same day.

I am told at GMT 0600 on 11.11, the Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood will jointly connect with the Great Pyramid of Giza (King’s Chamber) to create a gigantic column of light serving as an inter-dimensional doorway, bringing through the latest galactic ascension programs.

The activation of the Great Pyramid portal will in turn activate a network of pyramids to disseminate and ground the 11.11 galactic transmission across the Earth. See diagram below as an illustration (extracted from The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch by J.J. Hurtak).

Picture1 (1)


These ascension codes will accelerate mental reprogramming by transforming the old memory patterns of fear and lack into a higher octave frequency – love and abundance. The day’s planetary vibration of 11.11 will also catalyse our expression of the finer qualities of the symbol ‘11′ – spiritual leader, inspirational teacher, visionary, emissary of light, world peacemaker.


11.11 Meditation to receive galactic ascension programs through Lord Maitreya:

  1. In your stillness, connect with your favourite pyramid(s) on Earth by aligning your heart chakra with the center of this (these) energy portals
  2. Visualise or sense your energy field merging with it (them)
  3. Recite the mantra “Om Maitreya” 3 times, or in multiples of 3 as you wish, to integrate galactic ascension codes and invoke the higher expression of ‘11′ through your thoughts and actions
  4. See or feel yourself leaving the pyramid(s) and bring your consciousness back to the body completely.

More tips:

a) As a Master of joy, Lord Maitreya encourages us to sing the mantra “Om Maitreya” to our own tune, rather than merely reciting it

b) Name ‘Maitreya’ vibrates at number ’11’

c) Best times to perform meditation is GMT 0600 on 11th November or local times 11 AM or 11 PM


May you be inspired to BE and teach Love ! New Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.


Event Announcement

Final session of “Rising of the Phoenix” workshop, led by Lord Maitreya and Archangel Metatron, happening in Hong Kong 12 December 2015, the next Earth portals activation day! Cantonese translation will be provided. Details HERE.


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Full Moon Ritual Connecting with Soul Mate – Goddess Isis


The most effortless approach to attract a purposeful soul mate relationship is to honour and appreciate ourselves as a perfect being – that was the consensus advice from the Goddesses at last month’s Be Love, Be Loved workshop.

They quoted two universal principles as the basis:

(a) Law of resonance – focusing on our positive attributes draws to us soul mate(s) with similar energy frequencies

(b) Holographic nature of all creations – the individual ‘self’ has been created in the perfect image of God; accordingly, placing attention on self engages the manifestation potential endowed by the Creator

Wisdom is knowledge learned through practice.  To help us appreciate their advice at an experiential level and support us towards re-uniting with our soul mate and soul family on Earth, Moon Goddess Isis gifted the following full moon ritual to the group.


  1. Practice timing : on full moon or + / – two nights from actual full moon
  2. Preferably outdoor, connecting with the moon
  3. Prepare a basin of water, three quarters full
  4. Invoke Goddess Isis for guidance and protection, use her Egyptian name “Auset”
  5. Channel moon energy into the water
  6. Using a crystal wand, stick or pen, write or draw words of appreciation for yourself in the water
  7. When the water returns to stillness, through your heart, dedicate these compliments to your soul mate
  8. Feel him / her joining you under the moonlight
  9. Bring the presence of your soul mate into yourself, feeling the two energies becoming as One
  10. Complete meditation by giving thanks for the visitation and let go of his / her consciousness to wherever it is dwelling in currently

Full Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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Love Aplenty on this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

“Love is in the air. Everywhere I look around. Love is in the air. Every sight and every sound.” Indeed. Such was the atmosphere created by the Goddesses at yesterday’s BE LOVE, BE LOVED : Celebrating Soulmate Reunions Workshop.

Apart from the many beautiful teachings from the Goddesses, I really enjoyed the attunement to the planet Venus gifted by Aphrodite, the goddess of love, beauty, fertility and patroness of marriages. Venus is the lower aspect of the star system Pleiades, commonly known as Seven Sisters of the constellation of Taurus. Attuning our heart chakra to Venus opens up an energetic pathway to the Pleiadians whose genetic attributes have been encoded in the human DNA divine blueprint. The Pleiadians are great teachers of self-love, the energy frequency enabling the awakening of our Divine Self. Realising self-love is the pre-requisite for attracting and sustaining a purposeful and joyful soulmate relationship.

Full moon lunar eclipse gift from Goddess Aphrodite

The following meditation allows you to also receive the energy attunement to planet Venus through Goddess Aphrodite as the conduit  :

  • Visualise yourself seated in the center (pink dot) of a hexagon formed by the 6 Goddesses sponsoring BE LOVE, BE LOVED workshop; namely Aphrodite, Isis, Hathor, Lady Nada, Kuan Yin and Mary Magdalene. Refer to picture below.

Goddess Hexagon with Title

  • As you listen to the recorded meditation, you may feel the hexagon encasing you begin to spin and your heart chakra expanding, connecting you to the heart of Venus (some people may also experience the physical heart tightening momentarily; slow down and deepen your breathing if this symptom occurs)
  •  To access recorded meditation (8 minutes), click Attunement to Venus.                  If the hyperlink does not appear on your screen, go to our blog page          http://wp.me/p22lmc-2uu to download the track.
  •  Give thanks to the lady masters for the energy gift
  •  Note: The workshop participants were each given a rose quartz merkabah (diagram below) as a meditation tool. This is a not a requirement for receiving the attunement properly.


May you soon experience a joyous reunion with your soul family and soulmate(s) in your current incarnation, under the auspices of these Goddesses.

Full moon blessings, Amara Tia Ann.


  • Product News: If you feel a pull to work more closely with the Pleiadians, check out our self-study healing program, Living Your Star Light.

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