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The Meaning of Aleph

א Aleph (English pronunciation: /ˈɑːlɨf/) is the first letter of the Kabbalistic alphabet and symbolises the number 1.  It means the origin, beginning, potentiality and the unity of all creations. Its form – upper stroke connected with a lower stroke through a dividing line – suggests an eternal link between the primeval source with everything that emanates from it. The symbol also contains within itself duality – Spirit and Matter; Heaven and Earth. On the human level, Aleph represents Divine Man.

Aleph Center of Accelerated Spiritual Transformation (ACAST) was launched in February 2012 in Singapore to provide a learning space for All who seek to embrace, express and expand their divinity during this momentous period on Earth where a revolutionary evolution of human consciousness is taking place. Specifically, 2012 brings us the golden opportunity to re-reconnect with the source energy of pure potentiality or the Aleph in us, so we may redefine our purpose and choices in this time of new beginnings.

Besides promoting interaction among light workers, this blog site will also be used for disseminating channeled materials to assist All in moving forward to the era of Oneness, Unity and Peace.

ACAST welcomes you to join us on this enriching journey of Self discovery, transformation and becoming the Divine Man of the New Earth.

With Love, Peace & Gratitude

Amara Tia Ann, Andy

3rd February 2012


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Flight to Atlantis – Full Moon Meditation with Thoth

If you are unable to join us physically for The Song of New Atlantis Singapore Workshop happening on Vesak Full Moon, we invite you to connect with the group on 21st May through the following meditation, “Flight to Atlantis”. This was the opening meditation led by Thoth during the Auckland workshop in March (Equinox). In one of his three earth incarnations, Thoth was the Atlantean King Priest, Chiquetet Arlich Vomalites. 

Suggestion: connect your beingness with the Bermuda Triangle of North Atlantic Ocean (where the Atlantis islands had existed) during the meditation.

Listen to meditation (9 min), click Flight to Atlantis or 

  • Credit – our deepest appreciation for the amazing sound work and cello performance by our dear friends and co-presenters of the Auckland workshop, Annwyn Hanham and Raeul Pierard (https://goldenagementor.co.nz)
  • NZ Retreat – Annwyn and Raeul are guided to put together a retreat at the sacred mountain Aoraki (Mount Cook) during the Winter Solstice of June 19th – 21st. “Resurrecting The Golden Light of Christ” will be over-lighted by Lord Sananda (Master Jesus) and Lady Nada (the higher self of Mary Magdalene and High Priestess and patroness of Temple of Love of Golden Atlantis). Read more about the event at https://goldenagementor.co.nz/resurrecting-the-golden-light-of-christ


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The final session of The Song of New Atlantis will be offered in Hong Kong on 18 & 19 June 2016, a Solstice celebration and sacred communion with the Archangels. Details available HERE. 


Angels’ Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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Be Your Quantum Potential – New Moon Teaching From Thoth

Thoth’s transmissions at the recent The Human Story workshop in China were inspirational and groundbreaking as usual. A number of participants reported feeling Thoth’s strong and mighty presence hours after the workshop. “My legs were shaking and vibrating with strong sensations as I lay on my bed practising the connect-with-Thoth meditation,” one of them had shared excitedly.

This morning I requested Thoth for a New Moon teaching so more of us could benefit from his radiance and wisdom. Here’s a synopsis of what he transmitted.

“As humans become entrained with the galactic ascension energies now available on Earth, the higher faculties of our mind are beginning to activate catalyzing a paradigm shift in our thinking and perception. We will experience more and more the quantum nature of ourselves which is pure potentiality influenced neither by past patterns nor a preset destiny. Besides maintaining a pristine aura, the other key in achieving this quantum leap in consciousness lies in cultivating a clear sensible mind. Of course, both conditions are inter-connected.

As our mind is the executive agent of our quantum ability, we’ll need to re-train it to believe in our unlimited potential and not let it continue to indulge in fear-based memories and inertia. Whatever the mind can perceive (picture), especially with the help of its higher senses such as intuitive feel and transcendental knowing, there is absolutely no reason why the same inner perception cannot be externalised as an actual physical experience. The trick lies in constantly reminding the mind to believe, see and feel the divine power we possess, for we are simply quantum energy fully capable of defying predictability and fixed patterning”.


Celebrate Vesak Full Moon at The Song of New Atlantis, Singapore 21 & 22 May 2016!

Sing Logo No Facilitators Names

Join us at Singapore workshop ‘The Song of New Atlantis for an extraordinary celebration of the Vesak full moon under the auspices of Archangel Michael and Metatron with special ‘guest appearance’ by the World Teacher Lord Buddha. Program HERE; Logistics details HERE. Register with Amara Tia Ann at anntay@acast.me

This workshop is also available in Hong Kong (with live Cantonese interpretation) on 18 & 19 June 2016. Details HERE.


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May new beliefs of awe and wonder fill your night sky on this New Moon in Taurus. Namaste! Amara Tia Ann.

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Connecting with Thoth and Isis On This Full Moon

I am thrilled to be introducing the Moon God and Goddess, Thoth and Isis respectively, to the spiritual community of Guangzhou (China) on this weekend. Under the auspice of the full moon in Scorpio, these guides will share their great wisdom and light of compassion through the workshop THE HUMAN STORY and healing course ISIS ALCHEMY HEALING.  

You are invited to connect with the Guangzhou group energetically to receive the soul healing and light bodies alignment promised by Thoth and Isis. To do so, recite the mantra gifted by Thoth “Kho-lo-ki, Kho-lo-ki, Nintiya” (meaning: I AM, I AM One with the Mind of God) to align your personal Merkabah with the group’s just before the event begins.

Event timings as follows :


As a prelude to the workshops, a few messages from Thoth and Isis were shared with the Guangzhou community over the last few weeks. I particularly liked the following piece.

Channeled Message from Thoth and Isis – Remembering Your Angelic Human Lineage


Have you ever wondered the esoteric meaning of the caduceus symbol much used in your medical world?  It contains the spiritual truth of the nature of the human species – a unique breed of angelic beings genetically coded to express the polarity of the physical plane through its masculine and feminine aspects; and destined to awaken to its genetic identity with the unlocking of potential energy found within the human spine.

The story of who you are is written in your DNA and cellular memory.  Lifetime after lifetime, you reincarnated on Earth wanting to remember  and be the truth that you are much more than what your physical senses suggest. Let the quest for this One Truth be fulfilled in your present life. All you need to do is to embrace your physical vessel with love and patience. As you allow the deep healing to occur within your body, it shall reveal the secrets and wisdom you have sought since time immemorial. The key to your spiritual transformation lies in nourishing your chakras with the Love that you truly are.

We are the soul brother and sister of mankind. We speak to you in unison with great respect. We are the Moon God and Goddess of Healing, Spiritual Alchemy and Magic. We are Thoth and Isis.

– Channeled by Amara Tia Ann, 5 April 2016

Other messages…


Full Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.


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Universal Gateway Chakra Awakens With New Atlantis

At The Song of New Atlantis Auckland Workshop, the guides shared when Atlantis existed on Earth as a 5th-dimensional civilization, it comprised a total of 5 eras, the final of which existed around 50,000 years ago. The purpose of the existence of these Atlantis cities and eras was to ground a new sine wave of cosmic growth on planet Earth. The golden age (expansionary) and subsequent downfall (contractionary) within each era was, in turn, a sine wave of its own.

Simply put, a sine wave is a mathematical curve that describes a smooth repetitive oscillation and is named after the function sine. 

Though the term ‘sine wave’ was specifically mentioned, till now, I don’t fully understand its significance in the context of the guides’ teachings on Atlantis. Perhaps more insights will be revealed in divine timing.


An inspirational message transmitted was this – on the Equinox of 20 March 2016, the participants in Auckland were initiated by the Spiritual Hierarchy into a new and advanced cosmic sine wave, preparing us to externalise the divine blueprint of New Atlantis. The guides assured, ‘Whatever your Atlantean ancestors did, you shall do and be more.”

To illustrate the expanded spiritual potential of humanity since (old) Atlantis, that is, considered from the vantage point of Spirit and the macrocosm, we were told the New Atlanteans will have their Universal Gateway awakened for connecting directly with the local universe governing our Sun system and galaxy whereas our Atlantis ancestors’ telepathic communication was only with the galactic core via their Stellar Gateway. Refer to diagram of chakras below.




New Announcements on The Song of New Atlantis Singapore Workshop, 21 – 22 May, Vesak Full Moon

  • Sound healer from NZ – we are delighted to have Jason Friedlander as the co-presenter for the Singapore workshop. Using the sound sculpture, the didgeridoo, crystal bowls, voice, or something else entirely, Jason aims to create a personalised sound-driven experience for his clients, enabling the discovery of their inner truths. Read more about Jason HERE or on his website at http://www.jasonfriedlander.net 
  • Special gift for our youths – Following the advice of Archangel Michael (one of the two hosting Archangels for this workshop as well as patron for our youths), a special 50% fee discount will be extended to participants aged between 16 and 22. A warm welcome to our young pioneers of New Atlantis ! Program and registration details HERE
  • Experiences of Auckland workshop – read sharing by participants HERE

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Many blessings, Amara Tia Ann.


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ODELIN – Of Dual Existence, Light and INtent

3D Odelin

I’ve been Amara Tia Ann’s partner, working together on ACAST, for a while now; I still have one foot in the corporate world though, as a Leadership facilitator. I’ve been aspiring to marry the two realms, and I believe simple stories may be the stuff of the first date.

Stories are great, they are entertaining, and they don’t impose. Instead, they tickle your consciousness, then let you scratch the itch just as much as you want. ODELIN is designed to be a quick read in terms of length, but it is hoped that the reverberation will continue to work on the breadth and depth. Some of the characters and concepts will find their way into some other piece I’m working on, but that, as they say, is another story!

ODELIN – Of Dual Existence, Light and INtent – is a young woman who sniggers at her ordinary, purposeless life; she is presented with an opportunity to see a bigger picture, a much bigger picture, that shows her not knowing her purpose is not the same as not having one.

When she wakes from the ordeal that landed her this opportunity, is she going to embrace her gift of insights? How is she going to believe in it, if part of the grand design is that she does not remember her guided tour to the other side of the veil?

If you wish to read a little more, place an order, make a comment or ask a question, please click HERE 


Click HERE for a little more of me!


Star Beings Incarnating on Earth as New Atlanteans

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Auspicious Timing. The Song of New Atlantis workshop debut in Auckland last weekend. It was no doubt a most auspicious timing selected by the Spiritual Hierarchy to transmit the New Atlantis programs during the recent Equinox. We were told on that day a Universal energy portal was activated, propelling the spiritual advancement of all members of the Hierarchy. It was gratifying to know the group has facilitated in grounding a new sine wave of cosmic growth via the stargate alignment in the heavens.

In A Nutshell. I would sum up my workshop experience as immensely expansive. Besides providing clear information on the Atlantis experiment of the past (the who, what, why and where) and what’s to emerge as New Atlantis, Thoth and the hosting Archangels skillfully activated the new creation codes programmed in our subtle bodies. Yes, Atlantis is rising!

As we evolve to become more refined as an energy being (as the New Atlanteans), the more natural and automatic our intuitive connection with the Galactic family will be. The key lies in being mindful we are our God consciousness and to habitually purify and engage the High Heart or Universal Heart chaka. For a list of topics presented, go to New Atlantis.

One of the highlights: my telepathic chat with a star baby-to-be.  Archangel Micheal revealed a new generation of star babies will incarnate on Earth for the first time (karmic-free) to support the externalisation of New Atlantis. I had the privilege of interacting with one of these potential New Atlanteans who ‘dropped by’ our workshop. It was such a humbling and fun experience learning from these star children-to-be.

Listen to recording of my chat with this Sirian being (5 minutes) :

or click Chat with Star Baby

Sharing from the heart. Participant Diane Lowe from Canterbury expressed her thoughts “…How I loved being at Song of Atlantis with everyone, all such beautiful people, for such an auspicious moment in time of gifting us with the New Atlantis programmes. My life has so much more meaning and I feel at peace with myself knowing I am one with everyone bringing in Light and Joy to all people and all life upon this Earth…this weekend is the best course I’ve ever been to..”. Read full testimonial HERE

Gratitude for Auckland group’s co-creation. The sound contributions by Annwyn Hanham and Raeul Pierard were beautiful and perfectly augmented the teachings and anchored the energy activations gifted by the Archangels. Thank you, lovely Earth Angels.

Special thanks to Gail Taylor for channeling the fire letters to support the energy work; to Jason Freidlander for his wonderful crystal bowl and didgeridoo performance and to all our participants who co-created and now share a new sacred journey with Andy and I as the pioneers of New Atlantis.

Don’t miss the repeat workshops in Singapore and Hong Kong.  The Song of New Atlantis will be repeated in Singapore on Vesak Full Moon 20-21 May and in Hong Kong, pre-Solstice 18-19 June. Program and registration details at Singapore and HK.

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Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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Eclipse Viewed from Singapore Sky

These photos were taken at the peak of the solar eclipse viewed from Singapore at 9th March 07:28am or UT 8th March, 23:08.

Also read post of 8th March 2016 – Eclipsing with the dolphins – New Moon Solar Eclipse Transmission. Suggested meditation included.

Breathe in the perfect alignment of the Sun, Moon and Earth!

Blessings to All.




Eclipsing with the dolphins – New Moon Solar Eclipse Transmission

The March new moon will coincide with a total solar eclipse, with the latter at its maximum at 1:58 UT on 9th March. Beginning at 23:19 UT on 8th March, the eclipse in its ‘darkest’ will be visible from Indonesia and parts of Southeast Asia and will last for 4 minutes and 9 seconds.

An ordinary new moon provides the opportunity to re-chart our course through re-examining and re-setting our mental focus. Combined with a solar eclipse, more so a total eclipse, you can imagine the renewal potential of the new moon being greatly magnified and amplified.

Riding on this incoming wave of mega expansionary energies, the Galactic Council transmitted the ‘Think Galactic, Feel Oneness’ codes of new programming which I received, most interestingly, through the dolphins.

I am told the dolphins (and to a less extent, the whales) are the only physical creatures of pure 6th dimensional frequency inhabiting the Earth. Most of them originate from Sirius, the portal to the galactic core. Being in the presence of the dolphins naturally stimulates the production of the feel-good hormone Endorphin in the human body. Such is the distinguished quality of the 6D vibrational frequency – inner joy in divine knowing.

The ‘Think Galactic, Feel Oneness’ sound and light codes are intended to expand, connect and align the lower mental body to the higher plane of divine light to bring about a mental shift including a broadened vision of one’s soul purpose, positivity thinking, unconventional (6D) approach to problem solving and of course, inner peace and deep joy.

The transmission came through in a middle of a torrential rain in Singapore this afternoon (rain = water = ocean = dolphins !). Sounds of the heavy rain drops splashing on my windows blended in perfectly. To my surprise, instead of the usual light language sounds, today’s galactic transmission, delivered by the dolphins, was received as a song!

‘Think Galactic, Feel Oneness’ Meditation Technique

  1. Ideally, practise this meditation at a time as near to the exact new moon and total solar eclipse (time given in first paragraph of this article) as possible. Alternatively, select a time between 8th March UT 1800 and 9th March UT 0600.
  2. Visualise and feel yourself in the Queens Chamber of the Great Pyramid of Giza. Refer to pictures below – Queens Chamber aligned with Sirius.
  3. Sound the “OM” mantra to clear your aura and to begin connecting with the universal life force within you
  4. Place both hands on your heart chakra and bring up the feeling of inner joy in divine knowing
  5. Listen to energy transmission : Dolphin Song of Galactic Oneness (2 min)
  6. Give thanks to the spiritual hosts of the Great Pyramid for granting you the access to the energy portal
  7. After integrating the galactic transmission, ground your body as necessary




Event News: The Song of New Atlantis’s inauguration on 19-20 March rides the coat tails of March’s incredible energies…two eclipses, the Equinox and the first Supermoon of 2016. There are no coincidences, only divine timing. Read more about workshop HERE.


Wishing All a phenomenal new moon solar eclipse experience! Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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New Atlantis Ramp Up – Channeled Images by Gail Taylor

As the inauguration of The Song of New Atlantis approaches, many of our participants are beginning to feel the intensifying Presence of spiritual hosts, Archangel Metatron and Archangel Michael. Intuitive artist Gail Taylor, who will be attending the Auckland event, was recently guided to produce the following images as she connected with the higher purpose of The Song of New Atlantis  – themed as “a revolutionary upgrade program for all Star Seeds and Earthangels”.

"Heart of Atlantis"

“Heart of Atlantis”




Prints are available at Auckland event (19 & 20 March) or by contacting Gail at Gail Taylor Energy Works, “Paintings for the Soul”,                  www.gailtaylorenergyworks.com

Our gratitude to Gail for sharing these powerful visual transmissions with ACAST and our followers.


Blessings to All, Amara Tia Ann.

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Remembering Atlantis – A Full Moon Metatronic Transmission

On the Summer Solstice of June 2013, I was asked to facilitate the transmission of New Creation Light for activating the Atlantis crystalline grid surrounding and within the Bermuda Triangle. That piece of work was completed in New York City at The Return of the Dove meditation attended by some 40 participants. It is only now that I realize The Return of the Dove was the foundation and preliminary preparation leading to a new body of work The Song of New Atlantis which will culminate on the Summer Solstice of 2016 (Hong Kong session), exactly 36 months from the NYC event. A 36-month cycle symbolizes the full anchoring of a new octave of Galactic frequency on planet Earth. 


The Song of New Atlantis is a pathway to birthing New Earth by using the Atlantis collective experience as the template but coded with the most advanced Galactic intelligence accessible to mankind at this time. This work is also about embracing the valuable lessons and accomplishments of an ‘old’ era and distilling these knowledge to become a powerful resource for creating a more evolved future for all.

Today’s full moon transmission from Archangel Metatron is intended to revive our collective memory of the Atlantean spirit of ‘One Heart, Many Islands’. Refer to map below. 


The golden ages of Atlantis were perfect exemplifications of the key creation principle ‘Unity in Diversification’ – the very same principle underlying the birth of New Earth of 5th dimension. It is for this reason that Archangel Metatron has chosen to gift us the”One Heart, Many Islands” activation program as the key to the Atlantis crystalline hub constructed with the consciousness of harmony and oneness. The energy gift from Archangel Metatron is to prepare us to receive the complete suite of light body reconfiguration and upgrade programs during The Song of New Atlantis workshops.


“One Heart, Many Islands” Meditation with Archangel Metatron:

  • Relax your body through deep breathing
  • Connect your third eye with the Island marked ‘X’ (Unal) on Atlantis Map shown above
  • Close your eyes to listen to the transmission in Light Language
  • Listen to Metatronic Full Moon Transmission (4 min)


The Song of New Atlantis workshops (Auckland, Singapore and Hong Kong) are hosted by Archangels Metatron and Michael and over-lit by the Elohim and several Galactic Councils. Program, schedules and registration details available HERE.

Full Moon Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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