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The Meaning of Aleph

א Aleph (English pronunciation: /ˈɑːlɨf/) is the first letter of the Kabbalistic alphabet and symbolises the number 1.  It means the origin, beginning, potentiality and the unity of all creations. Its form – upper stroke connected with a lower stroke through a dividing line – suggests an eternal link between the primeval source with everything that emanates from it. The symbol also contains within itself duality – Spirit and Matter; Heaven and Earth. On the human level, Aleph represents Divine Man.

Aleph Center of Accelerated Spiritual Transformation (ACAST) was launched in February 2012 in Singapore to provide a learning space for All who seek to embrace, express and expand their divinity during this momentous period on Earth where a revolutionary evolution of human consciousness is taking place. Specifically, 2012 brings us the golden opportunity to re-reconnect with the source energy of pure potentiality or the Aleph in us, so we may redefine our purpose and choices in this time of new beginnings.

Besides promoting interaction among light workers, this blog site will also be used for disseminating channeled materials to assist All in moving forward to the era of Oneness, Unity and Peace.

ACAST welcomes you to join us on this enriching journey of Self discovery, transformation and becoming the Divine Man of the New Earth.

With Love, Peace & Gratitude

Amara Tia Ann, Andy

3rd February 2012


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A Masterpiece from Thoth

I would summarize last weekend’s The New Human Body workshop gifted by Cosmic Master Thoth as Profound yet Practical; Esoteric yet Contemporary, totally aligned with the spirit of The Keys of Life and Death (Emerald Tablet 13) which honors the existence of polarity and their equal importance  :

(extract) Know ye, O man, that thy form is dual, balanced in polarity while formed in its form.

Just to expand a little. For example, profound and esoteric were Thoth’s sharing of his deep knowledge about the Halls of Amenti where a flame burns upon a Flower of Life, supplying humanity with the primodial life force from far beneath Earth; yet practical and contemporary were his healing techniques on restoring the natural re-generative power of the body, including using an attuned crystal pendant for dowsing to detect hormonal imbalances in our body. By delivering the workshop in a dualistic or seemingly contradictory manner, I believe Thoth’s intention was to prove that polarity can and will co-exist in our life experiences.

One of the participants, Leantara Shah, shared her experience in greater detail.

As a channel myself, I know how high the frequencies are when working with Thoth and that it requires so much love and preparation to hold his energies for a whole week-end.  So, thanks for this gift of The New Human Body workshop. The decoding of the Emerald Tablets, the secrets of the Halls of Amenti and the Flower of life were enlightening!  This workshop also offers a bridge between physical symptoms and their metaphysical reasons, opening the possibilities to new forms of healing. It was packed with new healing tools, together with powerful light language activations. To me, it was the best workshop which expounded the universal principle that whether on a physical level or quantum level, everything is connected and is One. I would recommend it to anyone who is a healer or is ready to get a better understanding of ones’ ailments or is looking to receive powerful healing tools and activations.!”

For comments contributed by other participants, go to Testimonials.



Listen to the following activation track for invigorating the body, particularly useful for soothing the heart and improving its function of circulating Oxygen in the body. The track contained the vibrational sounds of the Flower of Life found in the Halls of Amenti:



As previously announced,

Newly added,

  • Melbourne 17 – 18 October. Contact Cecily Leong at cecilyleong@mail.com for registration details.


Many blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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Metaphysical Significance of Friday’s Tri-Astronomical Events – Thoth

We will witness an extremely rare phenomenon on this Friday 20th March when three celestial events coincide  : Solar Eclipse, Supermoon and Equinox. Not only will the moon not be visible (new moon), the Sun will also appear as partially or completely blocked during the eclipse and thus, certain parts of the Earth plunged into darkness. What is the metaphysical and energetic significance of this theme of darkness combined with the Equinox of almost equal day and night on Earth? I wonder.

I was woken at 3:30 am this morning to receive Thoth’s explanations.

Our connection with the Sun represents the human ego or our conscious thoughts whereas the Moon connects us with our feelings, often driven by the psyche or subtle mentalities. The lack of light is akin to manifestation taking a pause, very much like the stillness observed between an in- and out-breath.  When both the Sun and Moon appear as invisible to us, it presents a window for us to meditate (‘pause’) to align the mental and emotional body for a closer synchronicity between our habitual actions and our true inner feelings. Against the backdrop of an Equinox, we will also be have the opportunity of resetting our mental and feeling patterns to the original vibration which birthed all creations – of perfect balance in duality (‘equal day and night’).

Suggested meditation for Friday, in line with Thoth’s teaching :
1. Construct a pyramid encasing you

2. Place a pyramid upon your third eye, throat and heart chakra

3. Place both hands upon your core star chakra #

4. Focusing on the core star, spin the body clockwise and anti-clockwise, for 9 times in each direction (purpose: align core star with the zero-point field of Earth where no magnetics or duality is present)

5. Visualise the pyramids transformed into lotuses, symbolizing the enlightenment of thoughts, purification of feelings and the unification of both.

# for explanation on Core Star Chakra including its location on the human 5th dimensional energy field, go to post ‘Core Star Chakra – The ‘I AM Presence’ Energy Vortex’

An Invitation

Logo wl all countries

For those not attending The New Human Body workshop in Singapore on March 21-22, you’re welcome to tune-in to the event to receive the attunements and energy activations gifted by Thoth and the guardians of the Halls of Amenti. Details of program at http://wp.me/P22lmc-2le. PS. No password is required to access the group’s Merkabah, just your intention. :)

Namaste. Amara Tia Ann.

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Supporting The Body Through Its Ascension – Thoth

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As I work with Thoth to get ready The New Human Body workshop for its inaugural session on 21st March (Equinox), I have learnt to be more mindful of the many wonderful spiritual lessons the body is offering us. Take for example, I realized the body and its physiological needs are the most practical and powerful reminders of ‘Living in the Now’ and ‘Be Present’. When the body is starving, we need to feed it straight away; when it is tired, we need to let it rest; when it feels cold, we need to immediately put on warm clothing. It is by attending to these essential physiological needs of the body that we learn only the Present is real. By meeting the needs of the Now, we keep the mind away from the regrets of the past and worries of the future.

The human body – such a valuable gift from the Heavens and the Earth indeed! How then can we support the body to ascend to its fifth dimensional frequency safely and comfortably and to minimize the ascension symptoms many are experiencing as unsettling and disruptive to their routine? I believe Thoth will share several healing techniques in this regard during the workshop.

For now, you may appreciate this insight from Thoth regarding disrupted sleep pattern. If you are experiencing quickened heartbeat which keeps you awake in the night, barring menopause or any heart or sleep-related conditions you may have, the probable reason would be your nervous system picking up the fear-based emotions released by most people during their sleep (heightened sensitivity of the nervous system is a natural consequence of becoming more 5th dimensional). Your body may have interpreted these vibrations as a real threat, thus causing more adrenaline to be released into the bloodstream which in turn triggers the heart to beat faster, as if getting the body ready for a fight or flight. Using your hands to connect with your and affirming, “ I am safe, I am protected‘ several times is a way of training the mind and nervous system not to react to the external vibrations of fear and distress.

We look forward to your participation at The New Human Body workshops.


* The New Human Body Workshop will be launched in Singapore on 21st – 22nd March. Go to Program for workshop contents and registration details.

* Workshop is also available in Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong and Manila from April through June. Schedules and logistic details available at Program.

* If you have written to express an interest in attending The New Human Body in Australia, New Zealand or the States, we thank you for your enthusiasm and support. Andy and I will announce the event schedules for the second half of 2015 when we are ready.


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Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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Experiencing the True Joy of Manifestation – New Moon Teaching from Lord Buddha

I have been noticing an intriguing phenomenon relating to thought manifestation, that is, the quickened manifestation of desires experienced by more people these days does not necessarily translate to true or sustainable joy. I decided to seek out the wisdom of Lord Gautama Buddha on this Aquarius New Moon, a perfect opportunity for anchoring new beliefs and mental patterns.

Lord Buddha: “Joy is a powerful and uplifting emotion which expands one’s capacity to express love and generosity. For the feeling of joy to be generated and circulated constantly in the body – whether such joy results from enhanced materializations of desired thoughts or not –  one should first cultivate acts of loving kindness regularly”.

Thank you for the timely reminder, Lord Buddha.

Wishing everyone a blessed New Moon. Amara Tia Ann.


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Living Oneness Comfortably

In recent readings, the guides have been coming forth with suggestions on recalibrating our energy frequency at will to minimize discomforts to the body which may arise from what they call an energy gap between our internal system and the immediate external environment we are part of.

For instance, after a deep meditation or healing session, our aura usually brightens up and our sensitivity is heightened due to the chakras being rebalanced and re-connected with the frequencies of the higher worlds. If we were to then walk into a crowded mall for some grocery shopping, we may begin to feel uncomfortable – dizzy, light-headed, nauseous – or completely out of place. Reason being the thought patterns circulated in the mall are likely to be more of a material nature, or in energy terms, denser in frequency. Our body detects this energy discrepancy and sends out impulses of ‘fear of alienation’, triggering the bodily discomforts.

How can we carry on with our spiritual practices and still be able to enjoy the convenience of modern day life?

The guides recommended the following techniques:

a) Affirm “I AM ONE with the crowd’ at least 3 times, before stepping into a crowded place. This affirmation works for me whenever I need to ride the subways in Singapore, which are perpetually crowded.

b) Visualise the crown chakra closing up its petals temporarily, symbolising your intention to ‘dim your light’ to adapt to the energy frequency of the environment or situation

c) For the mind to embrace traffic and other noises which irritate you, recite the mantra “Kaliah OM” 3 times – a mantra gifted by Goddess Isis.

Hope you’ll find these techniques useful for living ONENESS comfortably, through integration, adaptation and acceptance.

Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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Breathing In Love For Effective Manifestation of Your Intentions

True to what Archangel Metatron has ‘warned’ in his Solstice message, I noticed as we move deeper into 2015, the personal realities being created by individuals are becoming more and more differentiated. In the month of January 2015 alone, I have heard of cases where life has gone from peace to bliss while for others, tension, stress and unease are building up day after day.

On the surface, such a disparate phenomenon may seem to contradict 2015’s vibratory theme of self-empowerment. However, if you were to examine the auras and read into the energy patterns of these two groups of people (as I have done), you might realise the differentiating factor is the level of self-mastery, essentially self-love, being anchored and hard-wired in the neurological systems of these subjects. In other words, the extent of self-empowerment mirrored in our realities is directly related to the degree of self-love (God consciousness) awakened in our biology. A belief of self-empowerment arouses positive feelings such as joy, peace and gratitude more easily, which catalyzes the manifestation of our intentions. The feel-good vibrations transmitted by the body bounce back quickly as see-good experiences, creating a positive vicious cycle.

However, for many of us, the empowering feelings we experience inside us do not always translate into our desired realities. I would think the main reason is due to our creative energy being drained and dissipated in the course of our intention setting, arising from a belief of imperfection and unworthiness embedded in our subconscious (cellular memory); that is, self-empowerment and self-love not awakened and radiated fully through our body cells, causing our energy to be leaked and attention unconsciously diverted to the stressful and chaotic vibrations prevailing the masses.

I learned that the memory patterns of the body can be altered through regular meditative breathwork. Try the following practice if it appeals to you:

1. Place your awarness on your crown chakra

2.  Inhale deeply, activating and releasing the golden light of God consciousness from the crown chakra

3. As you exhale deeply and slowly, channel this healing light down your spine and across the entire body

4. Pay attention to any area(s) of resistance – memories of imperfection and unworthiness. Allow the golden light to settle at this area(s) for a bit longer

5. Repeat the cycle of in-breaths and out-breaths as many times as desired

6. Close the meditation by affirming through the heart chakra, ” I AM Perfect; I AM Love. I create only experiences of love and perfection.” Feel the vibrations of this affirmation cruising through the nervous system (‘memory lanes’).

May you experience your godliness with joy and appreciation!

Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

* To listen to Archangel Metatron’s Solstice message and teachings from other Archangels, go to: 22 Dec 2014 Solstice Message: With Inner Peace, Comes Real Power.

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Thoth on The New Human Body

Image of Thoth, Hatshepsut Temple, Egypt. Nov 2008

Image of Thoth, Hatshepsut Temple, Egypt. Nov 2008

I intuitively feel The New Human Body will be rather different from the other workshops I’ve channeled, in terms of the depth of knowledge and the range of vibrations the guide will be transmitting to us. Curious to find out what’s in store for us, I conducted a brief Q&A with Thoth.

Me: Can you tell us the gist of this workshop in one sentence?

Thoth: Understanding the fine balance between life and death; and living this balance through the human body 

Me: Hmm….How does this relate to supporting the new physiological functions of the fifth dimensional body?

Thoth: Seeing life and death as the process of recycling and re-patterning energies promotes acceptance of the equal importance of action (life) and non-action (death). With this acceptance, the fine balance between life and death is understood and lived, sealing the gap between physical and timeless presence. The new body of the fifth dimensional frequency can then be birthed and transverse in both time and no time.

Me: The workshop will also address the belief systems underlying common physical disorders and illnesses. If there is one common underlying cause for all diseases of the body, what would it be?

Thoth: Not understanding nor observing the delicate balance between life and death; being overly attached to one or the other. 

Thank you Thoth for the very interesting and informative insights.



* The New Human Body Workshop will be available in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong and Manila from March through June. Go to Program for workshop contents, schedules and registration details.

* Schedules for the second half of 2015 will be announced later.


Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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New Moon Healing Tips from Moon Goddess Isis

Isis came through during a few of healing sessions in recent weeks. She revealed the zero point field of Earth and thus the magnetic poles are being shifted gradually but steadily, as a result of Earth’s ascension to the higher dimensional field. The planetary shift could be experienced by some of us as strange or unusual physiological disturbances, including irregular menstrual cycles (not due to menopause), rising body temperatures, momentary loss of memories etc. The key to restoring the body’s bio-rhythm or at the least, reduce the impact of these physiological effects, is to reconnect and realign the body with Earth’s (shifting) magnetic field.

Consider practising the following technique shared by Isis which has worked for several people, especially ladies, with the above bodily symptoms:

Magnetising Earth’s Kundalini Through the ‘Silver Induction Plate’, 6 Feb 2013



Isis Course Logo

  • Isis Alchemy Healing Course (Revised), 25 May 2014, Hong Kong. Cantonese translation will be provided. Course details at Program


Also available:


Other healing tips from Isis:

Many Blessings, Amara Tia Ann.

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A Gift of Lightness for Our Children – Lord Maitreya

Through a recent channeling done for a friend’s daughter aged 4, I was told by Lord Maitreya that a number of our young children remain well connected with their higher mind after their incarnation. Unlike the lower mind where negative ego dwells, the higher mind (also known as causal or spiritual body) is the realm of absolute joy and bliss.

Tuned-in to their higher mind, these children tend to display carefree, happy and cheerful demeanor. However, as they grow up and become entrained in the mass consciousness thinking much infiltrated with fear, their lower mind, resonating with the vibratory pattern of fear, can cause the children’s attention to be diverted to fear-based experiences which then become hardwired in their brain.

Lord Maitreya, hailed as the laughing buddha in the East,  offers himself as the spiritual mentor and guardian for these children. For a start, he gifts them the following teaching encoded with his energy signature of joy and lightness.

Always smile when you feel fear. Remind yourself fear exists only in the mind. Fear is not your nature. A smile sooths the fearful mind. As the mind begins to enjoy lightness more and more, it shall entertain fears no more.

If you like, you may create a poster printed with these words and display it in your kid’s room. Feel free to use the one I have created (below). I am sure your kids will welcome the joyous and caring presence of Lord Maitreya.

Joyous blessings to all our children, Amara Tia Ann. 

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“The Eternal Flame That You Are” – A New Year Message from the Spiritual Hierarchy

Small flame by CarellaNerinoChan

“Beloved Ones of The Eternal Light, we, the Masters of the Spiritual Hierarchy, greet you with utmost respect, honour and love. This is indeed a special time, in an Earth sense, to be speaking with you as you get ready to cross over to a new Earth year. A new beginning awaits those of you who are ready to reclaim the power bestowed on you as the Children of the Light. This is a power that will be unleashed from within you as the soul remembrance journey you have set in motion soon comes to an end.

For many life times, you have returned to the Earth again and again in search of a light; a luminous flame which you believed will drive away the darkness you witnessed in humanity and in your own humanly behaviours. You had regarded this darkness as an evil force which needed to be banished and kept away from your consciousness forever. So you kept rejecting it and thus, created and perpetuated your own darkest night of the soul.

We rejoice to tell you, our dear Warriors of Light, as you awaken to the truth that the dark and the light is the one and same creative Spirit in you, you will be re-joined with your soul light. You will fear no more. The acceptance of all that you are liberates you from the self-imposed darkness. As you accept the fears within your mind, this is how you will reclaim your power as the ultimate Creator. The gift of self-empowerment, invoked through an awakened mind, awaits you in the year 2015.

Look into the sacred space in your heart for that eternal flame that burns with love; ask that it not drive away darkness but bring darkness home to Source, to Oneness.

We are the Spiritual Hierarchy. We embrace the entirety of you in our lotus heart. “

Channeled 29 December 2014


I have also been told that quite contrary to 2014’s vibrational theme of To Be (introspective, reflective, self-realizations of truth, quiet time), 2015 is more about To Do as it ushers in an energy of expansion, a motivational force for Light workers to express and share their gifts for the betterment of Humanity. In short, we can expect a busier and more active year ahead, as we harness the inner growth of To Be towards a greater expression of the power of our God Self. Hence, ‘the gift of self-empowerment, invoked through an awakened mind, awaits you in the year 2015′ from the Spiritual Hierarchy.

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